Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Baboo mug by Marieta Iosifidou

                       Happy baboo mug, by Marieta Iosifidou

My red baboo cozy mug

•    A mug
•    Red knitting yarn – 50gr.
•    Two cozy buttons
•    One simple button
•    Tapestry needle
4mm(US 8)
•    BO = bind off
•    CO = cast on
•    Yo=yarn over
•    K = knit
•    P = purl
•    RS = right side of the work
•    WS= wrong side of the work
•    Rep = repeat
•    GS = garter stitch

CO 7 stiches   
Knit  4 rows   
Continue in GS   
Work 1 stitch increase at each first stitch of the row , until you have 18 stitches.
Body of pattern   
WS of the work and only for one row- GS and continue pattern as follow:

I . Chart
•    RS row: K2*baboo stitch*, repeat 7 times, K2 (see the video that follow)
WS row: K2, P14,K2
Rep these two rows 7 times. Then rep the once.
Continue pattern as follow:
II. Chart
•    GS for 2 rows.(all stitches K, in the RS and the WS )
•    R1-rs: K all stitches
•    R2-ws: K2, P6,K2,P6,K2
•    Repeat R1 & R2 for 4 times.
•    In the next two rows, all stitches K (GS)
III. Chart
Continue proceed as follow:
•    RS row: K2*baboo stitch*, repeat 8 times, K2 (see the video that follow)
WS row: K2, P14,K2
Rep these two rows 8 times

Now your work has to  measure all until here:  20cm(8inch).
Here start the decrease of pattern , the ending and the holebutton.
Work with garter stitch and decrease  1 stitch (K2tog) in the beginning of every row until
you have 13 sts

•    K2tog, K3, bind off 3 stitches, K3, K2tog.
•    K4, cast on 2 stitches, K4
•    K2tog, K6, K2tog
•    K all sts
•    K all sts , BO, break your yarn.
Sew buttons into the center of  the squares, as shown in the photograph . Sew the bigger button on to the end of the mug hug to fix with the buttonhole at the other end.

25 x 10cm

If you need smaller size for you mug (20x7cm) , you can follow the same pattern but using  thinner  yarn and smaller size of needles (3 or 3,5mm).


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