Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Eleftheria Shawlette - Ravellenics 2016

Eleftheria Shawlette, knitting by Marieta Iosifidou

My new shawlette "Eleftheria" is just ready.  Eleftheria is my participation in Ravellenics 2016 with the Greek team. I take  part in the Game "Shawl Sailing" and here is my MEDAL PODIUM: SHAWL SAILING 

My inspiration is from  the pattern,   Cassis Shawlette free pattern by Collete Audrey but I changed it very much. I used yarn Alize Extra , color green pistachio-nr.117, 2 skeins = 440.7 meters (482.0 yards), 200 grams, 1euro/skein: total cost 2 euros, I bought it from Handmade Yarns-Beads Ceylan Karahasan Xanthi-Greece (e-shop yarn) Handmade yarn-beads Ceylan Karahasan.  I started it on August 6 and it was ready on August 14th.  Has special  knitting techincs, 

  • starting with the edging lace
  • cast on loop 

  • knitting 4 rows stockinet
  • knitting 4 rows eyelet lace
  • knitting 4 rows stockinet
  • starting the short rows with garter stitch (all stitches K)


  • in the middle of the shawlette , starting eyelet lace for 4 rows
  • continue with the short rows garter stitch ( all stitches K)
  • when finised the short rows, 

  • knitting 2 rows stockinet
  • knitting 4 rows eyelet lace
  • knitting 2 rows stockinet
  • bind off all stitches with i-cord.
  • Picot in the right and left side in fort of shawlette.  

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